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January 1, 2018
Department, experiment center:According to the spirit of "Provisional Measures on Supporting and Innovating Students for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Laboratory Medicine and Life Science College", we are...More
December 28, 2017
Related colleges and departments:To 2017 annual scientific research performance in our school accounting budget, total amount and reward in time report to superior departments such as the ministry of education...More
November 3, 2017
According to the meteorological department reported that this year's No. 9 typhoon "Naxha" at 8:00 on the 29th center is located in the southeast of Wenzhou City, about 686 km of the ocean, near the center of ...More
November 1, 2017
On October 30, the short-term exchange program for students of the School of Marine Technology at Siam Oriental Unive...More
November 1, 2017
October 31, our college clean-up society - Masanori Clean Society founding conference held in the auditorium of the k...More
October 31, 2017
On October 30, the college held a theoretical center group meeting to convey the spirit of the 19th National Congress...More
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